Forest Service land sale

Finally, the candidates get their say.

Town council candidates landed on the front page of today’s News&Guide in a good story about the proposed purchase of 10 acres of Forest Service land on North Cache.

Ben Graham writes:

Jim Stanford, another candidate, said he wants town officials to hash out the potential uses of the land before including it on the ballot.

“If we are to put the question to voters on how to spend $12 million, we need to give them a detailed plan,“ Stanford said.

He also asked for more openness from officials in any discussions with private buyers interested in the property.

Stanford said the purchase price seems high and that he would be comfortable letting the property go to auction.

If voters do approve the purchase, Stanford would like to see a mix of commercial buildings and housing built on the property.

“No matter who buys the land, the town should secure an easement for a road that would connect North Cache with the Gill Addition neighborhood to the east,“ he said.

The route would allow for faster access to the hospital and could ease congestion on North Cache Street, he said.

I have yet to hear a compelling argument for why the town should purchase this property, which sits behind the “A-frame” headquarters building and is partially wetlands. I was a staunch opponent of the Forest Service selling public land when this idea first surfaced.

For the complete story, click here.

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