Thank you!

Front page of this week’s paper.

What an exciting night Tuesday. Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement and, of course, your votes.

The News&Guide has a report on the election results.

Looking forward to the next step in the general election this fall.

new ad for election section

Snazzy new logo!

After wrestling with the idea of spending no money on the primary — zero — I broke down and purchased an ad in the News&Guide’s special election section for Aug. 15.

The ad features my new campaign logo, designed by the one and only R.L.M. Stevens. You won’t find it on any yard signs, because I have none, but look for the logo on Facebook and elsewhere in the coming days.

The ad was my one concession to traditional campaign spending, lest (older) people think I am not making an effort. It’s sad that people would equate spending money with effort, but that’s politics today. Change might as well start here.